You might be a crafty crocheter if:

  • You have a passion to crochet above all other lively functions?
  • You are inspired and driven by all the beauty in the world around you, but spend most of the day in your cozy spot crocheting.
  • You have a room full of craft supplies and yarn begging to be used.
  • Better yet maybe the crochet goodies are already made and now you want to know how to unload them on to the world.

Well I can help with that!

  • This blog is quickly filling up with craft how to lessons.
  • Crochet and craft project freebies and discounts.
  • Tips on how to start and run a successful Etsy business.

I’ve started this blog to provide you creative crocheters with free fun crochet patterns. Craft Time Stories is an awesome place to learn how to rock your crochet. Weather your just starting out or want to take your crochet hobby to the next level and sell online I’m here to guide you along the way.

Allow me to teach you how to turn your crochet projects into an income. I want to show you how to utilize online market places like Etsy.

Let’s have fun together getting crafty and growing our businesses!

 CraftTimeStories about page

I have been doing this crafting thing more than half of my life. I started crocheting at 14 when my aunt came to visit. She spent a whole week teaching me the art and I love it. As a teenager I had a lot of nervous energy and nowhere to apply it. This craft kept me focused and I love the feeling of seeing a piece finished.

Later in life when I started having kids I decided to turn my crocheting into my business. This gave me the opportunity to become a stay at home mom and still provide an income for my family.  Over the years I have taught my husband how to create his own Etsy shop. We both have now “Quit our day jobs” and run our Etsy shops full time. It truly is possible to make a full time business from selling your crafts Online. If you stick with me you’re going to learn just how easy it is too.